Feud Details
Jay Leno vs David Letterman

Two men wanting the same job which only one could get…yeah, it’s feud time… In 1992 NBC had to decide who should replace Johnny Carson as the host of The Tonight Show. The two choices were Leno and Letterman and this was a much publicized competition. Letterman’s show had aired directly after The Tonight Show and Letterman along with many others expected that he would gain control after Carson’s departure. NBC decided to go with Leno and one year later when his contract ran out Letterman left NBC to compete against Leno on CBS. Letterman won the ratings battle for almost two years before Leno overtook him in 1995 and never looked back. When Leno announced that he was retiring from The Tonight Show in 2009 it seemed to rekindle the feud a little. Letterman took shots at Leno on his show referring to Leno as a ‘lame duck’. This feud was the basis for a book and the HBO movie The Late Shift.

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