Feud Details
Suzanne Somers vs Three's Company Cast

Three’s Company was a popular and successful sitcom in the late ’70’s. Suzanne, one of the show’s stars, saw that success and tried to cash in. For the show’s fourth season, Suzanne demanded a pay raise from $30,000 per show to $150,000, plus 10% of the show’s ownership. The execs told her no way, so Suzanne retaliated by calling in “sick” and missed a couple of episodes. The other cast mates, John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt didn’t like Suzanne acting like she deserved to be paid more and it caused tension behind the scenes. A rumor got around that John and Joyce deliberately dropped Suzanne when they were required to carry her in a scene. It got so bad that John and Joyce refused to work with Suzanne anymore. Suzanne’s character ended up getting reduced to 60 seconds of airtime. Suzanne would film her scenes in the morning before John and Joyce would show up to set. Suzanne finished out her contract and left the show for good. Appearantly three's a crowd.

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