Feud Details
Don Sutton vs Steve Garvey

For eleven years Don and Steve played for the L.A. Dodgers, but these teammates had a distaste for each other. Don told the Washington Post about what he thought of Steve. “All you hear about our team is Steve Garvey the All-American boy. But Reggie Smith was the real MVP. We all know it…” He also called Steve’s image a fake. Of course Steve was not to pleased. In the locker room, Steve asked Don if what he told the newspaper was true. Don admitted it, and Steve went after him and a fight began. The fight was witnessed by other teammates. The teammates described the fight, saying the two “went down heavily and were clawing at one another.” They were also trying to punch each other, but neither could land any good ones. They were finally separated, with Steve having cuts and scratches on his face and Don with a bruise on his cheek.

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