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Dave Grohl vs Courtney Love

Is it possible that Dave Grohl and Courtney Love are the Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono of the new rock generation? Our vote says ‘yes’. Here’s the scoop:

Dave Grohl was actually the person who informed his former bandmate, Kurt Cobain of Courtney Love’s mutual attraction after meeting him at a concert in 1991. Upon learning that Love was pregnant, the couple wed the following year. Despite reports that there was an unsettling within the band’s inner circle due to Love’s controlling and demanding nature, the three maintained a rocky, yet reasonably close relationship (thanks to Cobain’s effort to keep the pack together) until Cobain’s untimely death in April of 1994.

Almost immediately after Cobain’s death, Love and Grohl began to publicly display their dislike for one another. Grohl accused Love of contributing to Cobain’s death directly by sharing an out-of-control drug addiction with Cobain including the use of heroine and methamphetamines. He also suggested that many of her former band’s songs (Hole) were not actually written by Love…but by Cobain. These allegations along with labeling Love as a “greedy prima donna” infuriated Love and lead to public rantings and quotes in articles and interviews and eventually a long line of lawsuits initiated by Love over financial interests in her former husband’s music rights.

Accusing Grohl of taking money from her child (Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean) for years, there doesn’t seem to be a happy ending for these feuding rockers, although after facing years of difficulty with drug addiction and mounting financial issues (including foreclosure, possible eviction, and a lawsuit for unpaid legal fees), Love reportedly was forced to sell a stake in Cobain’s Nirvana Back Catalogue which she fought so fiercely to win over from former Nirvana bandmembers (including Grohl).

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