These feuds are not real. They are our fantasy feud matchups where we pit two celebrities
against each other and let you decide who should win this fantasy matchup...
Eddie Vedder vs Bono
Courtney Love vs Paris Hilton
Brad Pitt vs Tom Cruise
Terrell Owens vs Ron Artest
Mike Tyson vs John McEnroe
Beavis vs Butthead
Shaquille O'Neal vs Superman
Barry Bonds vs Ty Domi
Sean Connery vs Roger Moore vs Roger Dalton
Simon Cowell vs All Contestants He Insulted
Jessica Beil vs Jessica Alba
Batman vs Spiderman
George Bush vs a 7 Year Old
Madonna 1980's vs Madonna 2000's
Chuck Norris vs Steven Seagal
Columbo vs Angela Lansbery
Hillary Clinton vs Bill Clinton
Gallagher vs A Herd of Angry Watermelons
Schwartzenegger (1970's) vs Ronnie Coleman
MacGyver vs Albert Einstein

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